Education Section

The education period of the Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama is divided into four stages:

First stage :

Primary (Mahad):

This primary section covers a period of six years (including preprimary class of one year) These Makatib and Madrasas of the elementary education are established in various areas and wards of the city. In these Madrasas, basic subjects are taught to children in their mother tongue and the prevailing languages including Hindi & English are also taught here as per the standard of government schools. These Makatib and elementary Madrasas have no lodging and fooding facility. The students who wish to obtain primary education boarding in the hostel should head to Mahad Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Sikrori Lucknow, Mahad sayyidina Abi Bakr Siddique (R.Z.) Mahipatmau, Lucknow and Madrasa Mazharul Islam Ballojpura Lucknow where the hostels are provided as a lodging facility for such students.

Second Stage :

This secondary (Mahad) consists of 5 secondary classes and this stage is equivalent to the middle and high school level and standard of the contemporary educational institutions. In this stage, besides Arabic and Islamic sciences, English and general science are taught up to high school standard.

Third Stage :

It is the stage of Kulliya (Graduation) This stage consists of four academic years which as regards with education level policy is equivalent to the intermediate and graduation level of modern schools. This stage manages higher and classical education in Arabic literature, Hadees (Tradition) Fiqha (Islamic law) and Tafseer) (the commentary of the Qur’an) and all the subjects related to them. In this stage a good efficiency of correct writing and fluently speaking in Arabic language is produced. A graduation level English is also taught in this stage when a student completes this course he is awarded the degree of Aliya (Graduation) which is viewed as a great honour in the country and abroad as well.

The education of Kulliya (graduation) stage is divided into three big faculties. All these faculties are called (1) Kullayatus sharia wa usooluddin (Faculty of Islamic Sharia & Principles) (2) Kulliyatul lugha Al Arabia (Faculty of Arabic language.) (3) Kulliyatud dawa (Faculty of Dawa) respectively.

The success in the secondary (Mahad) level leads a student to one of these Kulliyas (faculties) as per the capability of the student.

Fourth Stage : is (Post Graduate) Ulya Classes.

Khususi Section (Special Course)

There are many students who come from all over the country and abroad and want to educate them in the logical sciences and Arabic language and literature. For such students, Nadwatul Ulama has established 5 years course. After completion of this course a student becomes entitled to the degree of Alim of the Darul Uloom. A special condensed course has also been started recently for the students whose mother tongue is English and who know neither Arabic nor Urdu.

(Mahadul Qur’an)

A section of memorizing and reciting the Quran (hifz wa Tajweed) named Mahadul Quran is established in Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama. In the Mahadul Quran lodging, fooding and education facility of the students has been arranged separately. The section of reciting the Quran (Tajweed) is also established along with the section of Memorizing Qur’an, (Hifz Quran) in which the importance is given on the recitation of the Quran as per the tone of Hafs and the Qirate Saba (7 recitation ways) is also taught in the section. This is a two years course. The books related to the recitation of the Quran (Tajweed) are included in the course.
After the examination a degree of Qirate Hafs is awarded to the students.