Construction and Development

Construction and Development

The financial resources kept shrinking and growing limited. In such circumstances, the need was felt that the Nadwatul Ulama should have a very close relation and keep a very strong and extensive contact with the common man of the country. So in 1958 the section of Tameer wa Taraqqi (construction and development) was organized and the following three responsibilities were entrusted to it.
  1. Collection of donations.
  2. General approach and introduction.
  3. Construction

Collection of donation

The section of Tameer wa Tarraqqi formed a system of representative and donations collection. The people related to this system travel to various parts of the country and present the introduction of Nadwatul ulama there and make the people aware of the importance and needs of Nadwatul Ulama and request all the charitable and generous people to extend their financial help to Nadwatul Ulama. Alhamdulillah their effort has succeeded and a great number of people have stood to extend their help for it. Still there is great need to increase the number of donors as much as possible.

Good effort good result. In this good performance of the section of Tameer wa Tarraqqi the credit goes only to these noble teachers and their effort and struggle who arrange their journeys generally in the month of Ramadhan and with their pathetic appeal and passionate dedication they draw the attention of the generous people towards this responsibility.

Building Construction

The series of construction works started in 1985 with the attention toward a very important need. With the grace of Allah, within a few years a considerable task has been accomplished and the requirements were satisfied. But still there is much to do.

Though too much work has been done, yet plenty of work is still to do. May Allah arrange the things to complete all the tasks easily. The construction of the staff quarters was started and have been completed. The teachers are residing in them. But in view of a great number of the teachers, those quarters are not enough.