Academic associations of the students


For the attainment of perfection and practice in Arabic language and literature, there is an association of the students namely Al-Naadi-al-arbi which consists of various sections and means to practice speaking, delivering lecture, composition, study and research. The literary functions of these sections are held weekly and fortnightly under the guidance and supervision of Arabic teachers and the annual prize competitions are held in all these sections.

Jamiatul Islah

This is the association of the students of the Darul uloom Nadwatul Ulama to which not only the eminent and famous Nadwi kept themselves attached during the tenure of their education but also they, with its help, showed their literary and cultural abilities. There are two libraries of junior and senior students under this association which has considerable number of books in store. Also it receives many prominent theological, religious and literary digests and journals of the country which are very useful for the students. The literary functions are held on each Thursday. In these functions the students deliver speeches and offer discourses and discussions. In the end of the year the prize competitions of delivering speeches, presenting discourses are held. This association performs its duties under the supervision and guidance of any teacher appointed by the principal of the Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama according to his discretion. A similar separate association is also existing in the hostel Sulemaniya. All of its programmes are conducted by the students of the hostel.