Nadwatul Ulama

Tehreek Nadwatul Ulama is a movement that established in the British era in the subcontinent, the main purpose of which was to reform the system and curriculum of madarsas and to change and renew it according to the times.
Syed Muhammad Ali Mungeri presented the concept of Nadwatul Ulama on the occasion of the inauguration of Madrasa Faiz Aam, Kanpur, India in 1310 AH corresponding to 1892 AD. All the scholars present on the occasion liked this proposal. The name of this Majlis was suggested as " Nadwatul Ulama " and its founder Syed Muhammad Ali Mungeri was appointed as its first rector. It was decided that next year there will be a general meeting of this Majlis, in which the prominent scholars of all Masaliks will be invited. Therefore, on 15-17 Shawwal 1311 AH corresponding to 22-24 April 1894, the first public meeting of Nadwatul Ulama was held in Madrasa Faiz Aam, Kanpur, India.
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Nadwatul Ulama | ندوۃ العلماء – Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama | Lucknow | دار العلوم ندوۃ العلماء