Journalism and Publication

Journalism and Publication

Five journals in four languages are published under this board.

Al Basul Islami

This Arabic monthly journal was published by late Moulana Syed Mohammad Al Hasani Nadwi with some of his colleagues in 1955. He, along with his colleague Dr. Moulana Saeedur Rahman Azmi Nadwi kept rendering the duties of editor till he breathed his last. Now Dr. Moulana Saeedur Rahman Azmi Nadwi, The principal of the Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama is its Chief Editor. Many scholars, writers ranging from India to the Arab world feel honor for themselves if their articles are published in it. Alhamdulillah this journal possesses great popularity and fame in India and in Arab countries.

Al Raid

This Arabic fortnightly journal was initiated to provide a chance of fresh journalism to the young writers and students. This journal has been successfully working since its first publication day. Some efficient students also participate in its writing composition activities. This Arabic journal is viewed with a great honor and appreciation in Arab countries too. The students, religious scholars and the literary intellectuals of the Arab countries read it with a great interest and like it very much.

Tameer e Hayat

In 1963 one fortnightly Urdu journal Tameer e Hayat was pulished in order to strengthen theological, scientific and reformative activities among muslims. Moreover one more objective was also in view that the aims and the purpose of Nadwatul Ulama might also be disseminated among people. A considerable number of this journal is presented to some of the sympathizers and devotees as honorary basis. Its editorial obligation is rendered by the scholars of the Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama.

The Fragrance of East

This is a monthly journal which was published by Majlis Sahafat in 1999. This journal aims at making English knowing people aware of Islamic theology. The chief editor of this journal is Mr. Sharique Alawi Sb.

Sachcha Rahi

On the request of those who belong to Nadwatul Ulama and in view of the existing situation, a Hindi monthly journal Sachcha Rahi was published in March 2002. It became popular among people and Alhamdulillah it proved to be very useful for the prevailing situation. With the grace of Allah it is getting ever increasing popularity among masses. But still it needs to be disseminated and introduced to every Hindi reading family.