Darul Uloom

Darul Uloom was founded in 1898 A.D. corresponding 1315 H. The distinguished Muslim divines, scholars, thinkers and devoted personalities participated in its constructive efforts and development. The most eminent of these personalities is Hadhrat Maulana Mohammad Ali Mungeri. He is the successor of Maulana Shah Fazlur Rehman Ganj Moradabadi. In addition, many other skilled and very learned authorities and Islamic scholars tried very hard to set a balancing and comprehensive syllabus which was enforced up to a great extent in which if there is a firmness in the religious sciences on one hand, on the other hand the skill in the Arabic literature and language is supposed to be the key point of attention and in addition an special attention and basic importance has been given to the awareness and acquaintance with the modern sciences.

تعارف دار العلوم ندوۃ العلماء لکھنؤ | About Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulema Lucknow India