Mahad Sayyidna Abi Bakr Al Siddique

Mahad Sayyidna Abi Bakr Al Siddique Mahipat Mau

(Supervised by Nadwatul Uama)

Due to narrow space in the Darul Uloom particularly in Mahad Darul Uloom, at a distance of 10 Km. from Nadwatul Ulama a wide piece of land was donated by the close acquaints of Hadhrat Moulana Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi near an ancient and dilapidated mosque in Mahipat Mau. On this piece of land an academic institution with a section of memorizing Qur'an and a section of Primary (Maktab) to Aliya Ula, the first year of the higher classes, was established, the mosque was reconstructed and a new hostel was also constructed. In order to provide water supply facility, a tube well was arranged too. The whole expenditure of this Primary institute (Mahad) is provided by Nadwatul Ulama.